Hello world!

New Chapter
Welcome to TrulyMalaysia.wordpress.com. This is my first post. I dedicate this blog to my family i.e. my wife, Noraskeen, my son, Adam & Rayyan. I hope this is the beginning of a new chapter in my life.

Simply unique
TrulyMalaysia is about tips & journals of traveling to Malaysia. It will be useful for anyone who plan to visit Malaysia.

It will be full of tips, secret and exciting new places in visiting Malaysia. It will be must-read blog before you visit Malaysia.

It will feature latest what happening around the cities of Malaysia, future events that tourist related, culture shows, DO & DON’T while you’re in Malaysia, Top-10 places to visit, Top-10 praises, Top-10 Complaints and many more.

Be sure to re-visit TrulyMalaysia.wordpress.com again for more exciting news & tips.


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